• Carolina Ramonde

How to stay organized at your remote work

Remote working is challenging.

Having your time to manage requires having a set of skills developed for being successful.

First is location, working at home requires a quiet room where you can leave all stationary, work papers and documents organized and the more important thing... safe from unwanted accidents like child drawings, spills or yes...being eaten by the pets.

If that isn't possible there are great co-working spaces to rent. Those spaces not only offer quiet and focused environment but also they are great when remote work is becoming a burden due to isolation.

I travel a lot and when abroad my favorite places to work and focus are University Libraries, there are amazing, many times beautiful historical buildings and the smart vibe of students maximizing time to study and their mindset very upliftings.

If you need to have phone or video meetings on regular basis there are great apps to help and keep time managing under control.

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